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Archive for June, 2010

Qbo Gets Its Own YouTube Channel

The Corpora has an official YouTube channel for their open source robot Qbo.

Will Humanoid Robots Help Build Mega-Engineering Projects?

A couple of video clips showcasing AIST’s research into humanoid robots.

Photo: March of the Mascots

Innocent photo or nightmare fuel? You decide!

Vgo – Telepresence Robots On The Cheap

A new telepresence robot is hitting the market, and it is significantly cheaper than its competition.

Mechanical Matrimony Mix Up

A Chicago couple claim that their wedding was the world’s first robot wedding, instead of the widely reported one that took place recently in Japan.

Hobbyist’s T-800 is Better Than Late Late Show’s Robot

An Australian hobbyist has built himself a cool replica of the T-800 and a robotic crocodile to boot!

Palette Takes Part in ISETAN Global Green Campaign

Palette, the robotic mannequin, was on display as part of an environmental campaign in Shinjuku.