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Archive for July, 2010

Programming by Demonstration: Flipping Pancakes

A video demonstration shows how a robot can be programmed to flip a pancake through direct physical instruction.

CHARLI-L Graces Pop-Sci’s August Issue Cover

Virginia Tech’s humanoid robot CHARLI-L, the first untethered bipedal humanoid robot built in the USA, is prominently featured in Popular Science magazine.

Autom’s On Her Way Next Year

Some new details about Intuitive Automata’s robotic weight-loss coach.

• Olivia

Olivia, a receptionist robot built in Singapore, was unveiled at RoboCup 2010.

• FloBi

A new robotic head attempts to avoid creeping people with the features of a doll rather than an actual person.

M3-Neony & Others in American Media

The Associated Press reports on the baby robots made in Japan.

• Mother 3

The third chapter in the highly acclaimed RPG series is playable in English thanks to a perfect fan translation.

Optimus Prime Statue More Than Meets The Eye

An Optimus Prime statue made of recycled parts is being displayed in China, to help visitors think greener.