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Archive for July, 2010

CoCoNatch Delivers Your All-Important Tweets

A potentially popular robotics gadget that connects to your PC and communicates based on twitter updates.

PR2 Safety Video Doesn’t Warn of Robot Uprisings

Recognize the dangers and risks associated with unfeeling mechanical men with this helpful video.


A robotic waitress designed in South Korea could be put to work in the near future.

Video: Team NimbRo TeenSize (Best Humanoid)

Team NimbRo’s triumphs in the TeenSize League at RoboCup 2010 are showcased.

NAO Research Projects

Some videos focusing on the humanoid robot NAO.

• Sorena & Surena-2

Researchers from Tehran University, Iran, have unveiled a new humanoid robot.

• Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

True to its 16-bit roots, Dragon Quest V sits comfortably next to revered classics such as Final Fantasy 3 (6), and Chrono Trigger, and should not be missed.

1:1 Gundam Statue with Beam Saber Almost Complete

The new 1:1 Gundam exhibit is almost complete, and will now showcase the robot holding its beam saber weapon.