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Archive for August, 2010

Stronger-Than-Strong Demand Revives Tetsujin 28-gō Robot

The original Giant Robot gets a reissue, giving fans a 2nd chance to own a real robot based on their childhood hero.

• PoCoBot

A small communication robot that combines features of personal computers and simple emotional expression.

Iran’s Surena 2 Caught on Video

Surena 2, Iran’s humanoid robot, is finally unveiled on video.

• Care Robot Yurina

A robot designed for doing all the heavy lifting around the hospital and at home.

• Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion is an unusually story driven and linear chapter in the series, but hits all the right notes fans expect.

PaPeRo Introduces Highschool Girls To Robotics

NEC held another PaPeRo workshop, this time at Tsuda College for Women.

Tachi Lab’s Telesar Telepresence Robots

Here’s an English video presentation of Tachi Lab’s tele-existence robot, the TELESAR.  The TELESAR system utilizes a stereoscopic head mounted display and has haptic feedback in the arm controls, allowing the operator to perform dexterous manipulation tasks as if she was really in the robot’s environment.  In one example, the operator repeatedly picks up and […]

Hobby Robots Get All Dolled Up

Besides turning dolls into robots, hobbyists can add their own personal touch to the standard kits by making costumes for them.  Here are a few videos that have popped up on YouTube recently.  The first is a pair of robots (Mikan and Chacha) that appear at many Japanese robot events, where they dance to original […]