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Archive for August, 2010

• Kibo ver.2

Kibo ver.1.2 is a taller and more capable version of CIR’s small bipedal humanoid robot.

• Kibo

Kibo was CIR’s first attempt at a small, expressive bipedal humanoid robot. It would later be replaced by a more sophisticated version (Kibo ver.1.2).

Wakamaru Hosts Shipbuilding Tour

With one of its shipyards in Shimonoseki, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has employed its humanoid robot Wakamaru to teach kids about shipbuilding this summer.

Photo: Rosie the Robot Maquette

Photos of some rare robot movie memorabilia that was auctioned off.

Robot Stop-Motion Short of the Day

A stop-motion animated short film about a giant robot.

AISoy1, The Next-Generation Furby?

AISoy Robotics, a Spanish company, will begin selling a new edutainment robot this August.

Paul Guinan’s Boilerplate Gets Movie Deal

Paul Guinan’s sculpture has taken on a life of its own; now that life will hit the silver screen!

• Acroban

A compelling humanoid robot that reacts to physical interactions in a flexible, lifelike manner.