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Archive for September, 2010

Reminder: PAL Robotics’ Contest Deadline Is This Friday!

A quick reminder that the deadline for the first two contests by PAL Robotics will soon catch up!

• Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

The Light World / Dark World mechanic may annoy some gamers, but for those who are willing to feel their way in the dark, Prime 2 provides an excellent first-person exploration game.

Popchilla To Help Study Autism

A new robot designed to help children with autism understand emotions is being tested this fall in Pittsburgh.

iCub Plays Cowboys and Indians

The iCub learns to shoot a bow and arrow, and dresses up too!

EVOLTA Traveler Begins His Epic Odyssey

EVOLTA Traveler got started on his big trip today.

EVOLTA Traveler’s Farewell Party

Panasonic held a press “farewell party” for their latest EVOLTA robot, designed to show off their new line of rechargeable batteries.

Canon Throws Hat Into Healthcare Robotics Ring

Canon has announced plans to enter the robotics market by 2015, which will include healthcare robots.


A guide robot developed at Keio University with the help of Muratec, which introduced prospective students to the school.