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Archive for September, 2010

PIRO Develops Roomba-like Robot To Clean Your Windows

A household cleaning robot designed specifically for cleaning windows.

Q & A with Dr. Javier Movellan, UCSD Machine Perception Lab

A brief Q&A with Dr. Javier Movellan (UCSD Institute for Neural Computation) about their new cognitive robotics project Diego-san.

fuRo Reveals the Cores of Tomorrow

fuRo reveals some conceptual robot vehicles related to their work on Core.

• MKR-003

An autonomous omnidirectional cart delivery robot developed to improve hospital efficiency.

• Core

fuRo has developed a walking vehicle designed to give the disabled a new pair of legs.

PR2 Gets Practical with Enhanced Cart Pushing Capabilities

The PR2 gets improved cart-pushing performance.

• HRP-4

AIST unveils a new humanoid robot that was designed to look like a slim athlete.


An expressive humanoid robot developed at KUT simulates emotions.