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Archive for October, 2010

• Avalon Code

Avalon Code was a promising Action-RPG with a unique premise and fantastic production values, but ultimately drowns in its poorly-conceived and broken mechanics.

Honda (barely) celebrates ASIMO’s 10th Anniversary

Honda celebrates ASIMO’s 10th anniversary without much fanfare.

More Media From TIROS 2010

Some video clips of Taiwanese robotics from TIROS 2010.

Honda’s Humanoid Robot Development: 1993-1999 (P2)

In December 1996 Honda stunned the world when it unveiled the P2, the most advanced humanoid robot ever built up to that time.  It is considered the world’s first self-regulating two-legged humanoid walking robot.  The torso contained a computer, motor drives, battery, wireless radio and other necessary technology, all of which were built in.  Independent […]

SCHEMA Engages in Multiparty Conversation

Waseda University’s 3rd generation conversational robot speaks with two separate groups of people.

Honda’s Humanoid Robot Development: 1993-1999 (P1)

Honda’s Humanoid Robot Research & Development Program continued from 1993-1999, during which time four whole-body humanoid robot prototypes were developed.

The Uncanny Valley Is Strong With This One

AIST held an “open lab” day where they demonstrated some of the robotics technology currently in the works.

Honda’s Humanoid Robot Development: 1991-1993

Honda’s Humanoid Robot Research & Development Program continued from 1991-1993, during which time three new control techniques were developed to improve walking stability.