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Archive for October, 2010

Quasi Hits The Road, Teaches Kids About Robotics

A look at one of Quasi’s edutainment skits.

Honda’s Humanoid Robot Development: 1987-1991

Honda’s Humanoid Robot Research & Development Program continued from 1987-1991, during which time three new experimental models refined robotic bipedal locomotion.

Panasonic’s POWERLOADER Light Adds Spring To Your Step

Panasonic Active Link has developed a smaller, lightweight version of their robotic suit.

Honda’s Humanoid Robot Development: 1986

Honda’s Humanoid Robot Research & Development Program began in 1986 and led to the development of the first experimental model, E0.

• Professor Layton & The Unwound Future

Professor Layton’s love life is revealed in this time-traveling, puzzle-solving adventure that won’t disappoint fans of the series.

Wasp Exterminator Robot Defies Logic

A humanoid robot that climbs ladders to reach pesky wasp nests.

Moogle Inspection Robot Doesn’t Look Like a Moogle

A home-inspection robot with rescue robot roots.

ASIMO’s 10th Birthday to Include Retrospective Film

Honda’s plans for the upcoming 10th Anniversary of their humanoid robot, ASIMO.