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Archive for October, 2010

Actroid-F Stars in Stage Play “Farewell”

The latest model of Geminoid / Actroid will star alongside human actors in an upcoming stage play.


Turkey’s first full-scale humanoid robot.

Nakamura Lab Adopts Aldebaran Robotics’ NAO

Tokyo University signs up for 30 NAOs.

Blacklister – The ROBO-ONE Movie

Blacklister, a movie about the hobby robot tournament ROBO-ONE, is being screened in Japan.

Video: iCub Shows Off Its Force Control

A video showcasing the iCub’s force control when disturbed by unexpected external forces.

Jaemi HUBO Practicing for Live Music Gig

Jaemi HUBO is learning how to detect tempo using optical flow.

Reminder: PAL Robotics’ Contest Ends This Friday

A reminder of PAL Robotics’ contest deadline, and a sneak peek at Plastic Pals’ entry.

• Pikmin

One of the few original IPs from Nintendo during the Gamecube era provides simple but addictive exploration and strategy fun.