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Archive for November, 2010

• Dreamer, The Sociable Humanoid Head

A fancy new humanoid head developed by Meka Robotics and researchers at UT Austin.

PaPeRo Encourages Old Folks To Get Out More

A new trial to test how PaPeRo fares in the real world.

• Treasure Hunter G

Sting’s first game featured a cute cast of characters on a ragtag adventure.

Say Hello To The DARwIN-OP

The DARwIN-OP is revealed a bit earlier than its official unveiling at the Humanoids conference this December!

Two Takes on Service Robots From China

A couple of photos showing Chinese service robots and kiosks.

EVOLTA Traveler’s 500km Journey Ends

EVOLTA Traveler’s 500km journey has come to an end.

• Castlevania Circle of the Moon

A GameBoy Advance launch title that, for the most part, lives up to fan expectations.

PR2 Learns To Sense What Can’t Be Seen or Scanned

The PR2 can now sense how much effort is being exerted when lifting or pushing objects to determine whether the object is full or not.