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Archive for December, 2010

Korean Museum Guide Robot A Hit With Kids

A guide robot is making the rounds at Korean museums.

Kinect: Teleoperating Hobby Humanoid Robots

A software engineer has linked the Kinect to his hobby humanoid robot.

Japan Opens Robot Safety Center

A new Japanese testing facility will certify the safety of assisted-living robots.

Videos from ROBO-ONE Foot Race

Some footage from the ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Project and foot race competitions.

2010: Year In Review

We look back at some of the robot developments from 2010.

More Telepresence Teachers for Korean Classrooms in 2011

More robots entering Korean classrooms in 2011.

• Tibi & Dabo

A pair of outdoor, urban service robots developed in Spain.

• Talk-Torque 2

Tsukuba University has designed a pair of robots to study non-verbal communication.