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Archive for December, 2010

• Tail of the Sun

Tail of the Sun: Wild, Pure, Simple Life is a strange but immensely enjoyable game if you approach it with the right mindset.

Best of Wii & DS 2010

We take a look at our favorite games to hit the Nintendo Wii and DS.

The DARwIn-OP Might Be A Game Changer

More details have emerged about the DARwIn-OP, including the impressive new RX-28M servos.

Robots: Just The Gimmick Your Business Needs

Service robots in China and South Korea automate restaurants and cinemas.

2010 Int’l Conference on Humanoid Robots (Wrap-Up)

The price of the DARwIn-OP is revealed, and highlights from the final crop of presentations from Humanoids 2010 are noted.

• Fantasia Robot

A new guide robot is being deployed in South Korea just in time for the holidays.

USB Hub Robots Want To Conquer Your Desk

A cute USB hub / USB toy is now available through a Japanese website.

Walky Jumps Onto The iPad

The touch-gesture controller for biped robots has been ported to the iPad.