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Archive for January, 2011

• InBirdie

DMBH in South Korea has developed a robot that can join human players in a round of Virtual Golf.

PALRO Already Fluent in English!

PALRO is learning English!

• Din Sow & Bangkok University’s Restaurant Robots

A Thai restaurant chain is boosting customer appreciation with a bevvy friendly service robots.

Robot Settles New Year’s Resolution So You Don’t Have To

The iCub shows off by doing some push ups in this Rocky-inspired clip.

Another Humanoid Robot Controlled With Kinect

Software developed to control hobby humanoid robots now includes support for the Microsoft Kinect sensor.

South Korean Cinema Lobbies Overtaken By Robots

ED Corporation’s Cinema Companion robot is selling movie tickets in South Korean theaters.

HRP-2 Promet Steadies Itself Using Household Objects

Researchers at AIST are working on a novel approach to robot navigation that solves for whole-body contacts with the environment and surrounding objects, including other robots.

• T-82

A medieval knight in shining armor showcased miniature actuators for use in robot hands in 2006.