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Archive for March, 2011

NASA’s Robonaut 2 Finally Gets Unboxed

Astronauts aboard the ISS have finally unpacked their robotic team mate, Robonaut 2.

Robots Playing The Theremin

Robots playing the theremin. What’s next?

NEC Experimenting With PaPeRo Telepresence

PaPeRo could find work as a telepresence robot.

• Ari-1

A female android from KITECH and Korean robotics venture Solubot.

• Robokind: Expressive Open-Source Educational Humanoids

Hanson Robotics launches a line of expressive humanoid robots called Robokind.

The Elfoid Is The One Of The Worst Ideas Ever

A small telepresence android that would replace modern cellphones…?

Robots Are Getting Better At Mimicking Human Movements

Videos showing Simon’s latest improvements and the HRP-2 Promet’s new navigation strategy.

NAO Invades More Than 200 Universities & Schools

The latest promotional video from Aldebaran Robotics touts an impressive adoption rate, and Robotis has unleashed a new promo for their own brand of diminutive humanoid, the DARwIn-OP.