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Archive for April, 2011

• Super Princess Peach

developed by Nintendo & Tose, published by Nintendo 1 player/3 save slots/Nintendo DS/2006.02.27 The Mario franchise has spawned countless entries in the hop-n-bop platformer genre, but surprisingly Nintendo hasn’t made a game specifically starring the series’ archetypal damsel in distress until now.  She most notably appeared as one of the four selectable characters in the […]

Cubelets Package Design Contest

Our design for the Cubelets package design contest held by Modular Robotics.

Rollin’ Justin Can Now Play Catch, Brew Your Morning Cuppa Joe

DLR’s Rollin’ Justin has been programmed to accurately catch balls thrown at it.

• DON-8r

A charitable robot that collects donations to power its journey through the world.

Home Service Bot JULIA Appears In Promotional Video

A new video showcasing JULIA, a home service robot developed at the National Taiwan University.

DARwIn-OP at Robogames 2011

A video of the DARwIn-OP at Robogames 2011.


A cute humanoid robot that begs for donations.

Aldebaran Robotics’ Bruno Maisonnier Talks Robots

The founder of Aldebaran Robotics