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Archive for June, 2011

Chinese Company Rips Off Another Japanese Robot

A Chinese robot that looks nearly identical to NEC’s PaPeRo appeared recently.

ATR’s Ubiquitous Market

An overview of ATR’s UbiMart shopping system, that uses sensors and robots to track and improve customer service.

Simulate Your NAO, DARwIn-OP, And More With Webots

A video showcasing the capabilities of the Webots simulation software.

Kindergarteners & Museum Visitors Love KIRO

KIRO enters Korean kindergartens, museums, and art galleries.

Thai Sculptor Transforms Scrap Metal Into Amazing Artwork

Artwork based on Transformers robots.


A miniature dinosaur robot.

• Predators

A review of the lackluster reboot of the Predator movie franchise.

• HOAP-3

Fujitsu’s 3rd humanoid model in their Humanoid for Open Architecture Platform was unveiled in 2005. It has been used by various universities, most notably EPFL (Switzerland) for research purposes.