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Archive for June, 2011

Video: HRP-4C Takes A Stroll Outdoors

A video of AIST’s female android walking in an unstructured environment.

E3 2011 in Review

E3 is over. How did things pan out for the big three?

Mi-Ro, Fujitsu’s Multi-media Robot Prototype

A robot head and a singing robot may be connected.

Video: HRP-4C Sings At Jisso Protec 2011

The singing and dancing android makes another appearance.

• PICO-2

Researchers at Kyushu University modified a Fujitsu HOAP-2.

Quebec Hosts Japanese Robots In New Museum Exhibit

A Canadian museum is hosting some famous Japanese robots as part of a new exhibit.

Japanese Robot Will Allow Anyone To Tweet In Space

Details on JAXA’s planned space robot.

Spike Jonze’s “I’m Here” To Open Robot Film Festival

A review of Spike Jonze’s robot-themed short film, I’m Here.