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Archive for July, 2011

Contest! Plastic Pals Turns 2 Years Old

Our website turned 2, and to celebrate we’re giving away a very cool and very rare figure based on Hitachi’s loveable EMIEW-2 robot.

Yao City Gets Another Robot

A cute service robot developed in Yao city, Osaka.

DARwIn-OP Learning To Play Dance Dance Revolution

Can a humanoid robot play Dance Dance Revolution?

Looking Back On Samsung’s Lost Personal Robots (part 2)

Samsung’s lost line-up of promising household robots are discussed.

Watch Team NimbRo Win RoboCup 2011’s @Home Competition

An entertaining video recap of Team NimbRo’s winning performance at RoboCup 2011’s @Home League.

• Short Circuit

A review of the classic ’80s movie Short Circuit.

• Lost in Shadow

An exclusive ethereal puzzle-platforming game for the Wii from Hudson Soft.

Latest Deus Ex Videogame Has The Post-Human Blues

Some clever ads for an upcoming cyberpunk video game where cybernetic implants are causing massive problems.