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Archive for July, 2011

• Eliza

A “welcome robot” from China appeared at the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010.

National Geographic Gets Acquainted With Social Robots

An article and photo essay on various social robots.

Looking Back On Samsung’s Lost Personal Robots (part 1)

Samsung’s lost line-up of promising household robots are discussed.

• Transcendent Man

A review of Transcendent Man, which looks at inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil and his predictions.

This Week’s Robot Video Round-Up

A batch of interesting videos that surfaced online recently.

ARMAR-III Gets Pre-Grasp Strategies For Difficult Objects

Pre-grasping strategies are being developed to help robots tackle hard to pick up objects.

Mexico Gets Its First Humanoid Robot, Mex-One

Mexico has developed its first humanoid robot, Mex-One.

Taiwan’s Award-Winning Robot Concepts

A trio of design concepts from students at Taiwan’s YunTech.