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Archive for August, 2011

• Cog

An overview of MIT’s humanoid robot Cog.

Embrace Your Inner Laziness & Curiosity Simultaneously with Qbo

Qbo gains access to Wikipedia, begins reciting every scrap of information known to man.

• Extreme Machines – Incredible Robots

A review of the robot episode by Discovery Channel’s Extreme Machines.

Video: Tokotokomaru Performs A Traditional Kabuki Dance

Robocon Magazine’s official YouTube channel, Robomaganet, has posted an impressive video of Tokotokomaru, a customized hobby robot doing a traditional fan dance.  The robot has gone through a number of evolutions since at least 2005 (photo above from a 2005 Impress PC Watch article), and was built by Amino Azusa, who also works at Hitachi […]

Osaka Promotes Local Robots To Mascot Duty

Osaka promotes local robots built by Vstone, ATR, and Eager Co. Ltd. to public relations positions.

BioROBO Takes Its First Steps

The BioROBO is up and running, sort of.


A reading robot from ETRI.

CIT Brains’ Teen Size Robot Goes For A Stroll Outside

The 1 meter tall Teen Size competitor from the Chiba Institute of Technology walks outside.