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Archive for August, 2011

• Cog

An overview of MIT’s humanoid robot Cog.

Embrace Your Inner Laziness & Curiosity Simultaneously with Qbo

Qbo gains access to Wikipedia, begins reciting every scrap of information known to man.

• Extreme Machines – Incredible Robots

A review of the robot episode by Discovery Channel’s Extreme Machines.

Video: Tokotokomaru Performs A Traditional Kabuki Dance

Robocon Magazine’s official YouTube channel, Robomaganet, has posted an impressive video of Tokotokomaru, a customized hobby robot doing a traditional fan dance.  The robot has gone through a number of evolutions since at least 2005 (photo above from a 2005 Impress PC Watch article), and was built by Amino Azusa, who also works at Hitachi […]

Osaka Promotes Local Robots To Mascot Duty

Osaka promotes local robots built by Vstone, ATR, and Eager Co. Ltd. to public relations positions.