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Archive for August, 2011

Willow Garage’s PR2 SE, The One-Armed Bandit

A one-armed version of the PR2 is now available.

AISoy1 Gets ROS, DIY kits

AISoy1 gets ROS compatibility, and individual components go on sale for DIYers.


KITECH’s impressive service robot platform gets a final redesign.

RT-RIC30 & BioROBO Get Kinected

Two more humanoids are using Microsoft Kinect to mimic human movements.

• Short Circuit 2

A review of the 1988 sequel to Short Circuit.

Robots in Advertising: Geico

Another round of robots in advertising courtesy of Geico.

• A Boy and His Blob

A re-imagining of a classic puzzle platform game from the original Nintendo.

Robots in Advertising: LG’s Robot Mascot Strikes Again

A few commercials featuring LG’s lovable robot mascot.