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Archive for August, 2011

Video: PaPeRo Finally Gets Self-Charging Station

It’s amazing to me that it has taken this long, but you know what they say: it’s better late than never.  Someone has finally gotten around to designing a self-charging station for NEC’s communication robot PaPeRo.  Like Yujin Robot’s iRobiQ, PaPeRo can now autonomously find and dock to its power station when it gets low […]

Willow Garage’s PR2 SE, The One-Armed Bandit

A one-armed version of the PR2 is now available.

AISoy1 Gets ROS, DIY kits

AISoy1 gets ROS compatibility, and individual components go on sale for DIYers.


KITECH’s impressive service robot platform gets a final redesign.

RT-RIC30 & BioROBO Get Kinected

Two more humanoids are using Microsoft Kinect to mimic human movements.