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Archive for November, 2011

Video: AIST’s HRP-3 Grasps Objects Using Visual Recognition

A video showing AIST’s HRP-3 Promet Mk.II grasping a bottle using visual recognition.

Videos: Gundam Geekery At Its Finest

Two Gundam fans recently showed off their dedication to the popular animated series with a pair of creative hobby projects. First up is Taras Lesko (who goes by the alias Visual Splicer) who created a massive 7-foot tall papercraft model.  He recreated a die-cast model of a mobile suit using a 3D application and printed […]

• Where’s My Robot?

This 2008 documentary produced by the BBC explains why robots aren’t ready to move in with you… yet.

FastRunner: DARPA’s Metal Gear?

A bio-inspired ostrich that can run at speeds in excess of 20 mph that, conceptually, looks quite a bit like robots from a popular video game franchise.

Yaskawa Unveils SmartPal VII at IREX 2011

Yaskawa is presenting a new model of their service robot called SmartPal.

Video: AIST’s HRP-4C Walks More Like A Person

AIST’s female android walks a bit more like a person.

Honda Celebrates ASIMO’s 11th Birthday with “All-new ASIMO”

Honda unveiled a refined model of its humanoid robot ASIMO.

Video: Tachi Lab’s TELESAR4

Tachi Lab’s fourth telepresence robot is demonstrated in this video from IROS 2011.