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Archive for December, 2011

• E-One

A young French robotics company is developing robots for surveillance purposes.

All About ASIMO

Delve into the reasoning behind ASIMO’s design and questions about where ASIMO is headed.

Tour Guide Robot Spreads Holiday Cheer

A cute tour guide robot based on the inverted pendulum model is finally completed.

• RoboCop 2

The sequel to RoboCop insults the viewer’s intelligence and strains credibility too many times to count.

Aldebaran Launches NAO Next Gen

A new version of NAO launches.

• OriHime

A communication robot with an abstract female appearance.

Reality Check: Henri Crohas, Archos CEO

Archos CEO states his company would like to build a child-sized robot for 300 Euros.

Your Android Phone Is This Robot’s Brain

A new brand of DIY robot kits uses Android-based smartphones for added processing power and features.