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Archive for January, 2012

Metalise Your 3D Prints With 3DCC

Examining some different methods to achieve metallic 3D printed parts.

• River Monsters

A review of Animal Planet’s River Monsters, hosted by extreme angler Jeremy Wade.

• Professor Layton & The Last Specter

Another mostly excellent puzzle-filled adventure for fans of the Professor.

It’s Official: Robots Are The New Zombies

Robots are taking over where the zombies left off.

China Unicom’s Robot Spreads 3G Awareness

A cute service robot developed by China Unicom.

Attending ICRA 2011? Compete to win a DARwIn-OP

Robotis is holding a contest that will give away a DARwIn-OP, among other prizes, for cool projects at ICRA 2012.

• Filio

A robot mascot character created for a Japanese science education program.

Robots at CES 2012

Some robots that appeared at CES 2012.