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Archive for June, 2012

First Look: TeenSize-OP by Team NimbRo & Robotis

Earlier we got wind that Robotis would launch a new TeenSize robot to complement the popular (KidSize) DARwIn-OP.  When Team Darwin showed off their TeenSize robot (see here), we thought that it was the likely candidate for this new robot.  As it turns out, the TeenSize counterpart to the DARwIn-OP was developed by members of […]

Interview: Francisco Paz Rodríguez (CEO, TheCorpora)

An interview with Francisco Paz, head of TheCorpora, and creator of the open-source personal robot

Shimi, The Android-Powered Toe-Tapping Music Bot

A new U.S. start-up plans to launch an Android-powered music-playing robot in early 2013.

Coming Soon: Robotic Dolls Based on Dreamy K-POP Idols

A new line of hobby humanoid robots will look like K-POP stars from Girl’s Generations and Super Junior.

Video: 10 Years Pursuing Whole-Body Multicontact Control

A video showcasing a decade’s worth of research into whole-body multicontact control by Luis Sentis.

Robot Communications’ Mascot Paints The Town Red

ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS opened its doors in 1986 as a television commercial production/facilitating agency and graphic design company. ROBOT has since expanded into producing feature films, animation, web and mobile contents. No one in the industry would have imagined such diverse expansion at the time of ROBOT’s establishment. ROBOT has achieved excellence in each of these […]

Hajime Sakamoto’s 4 Meter Robot Gathers Steam

A new control method for one of the tallest humanoid robots in the world.

Takara Tomy Unveils I-SODOG at Tokyo Toy Show 2012

A preview of Takara Tomy’s latest omnibot, the I-SODOG.