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• Daft Punk’s Electroma

Electroma-HeaderElectroma is the story of two robots (Daft Punk) who break from the norm to express their inner individuality in a world populated by robots, with disastrous consequences.  This is an experimental film with no dialog whatsoever, running a generous 74 minutes, and some people may feel it drags on a bit in parts.  Even fans of Daft Punk may be left scratching their heads since it doesn’t feature their music but, supposedly, it syncs up with their album Human After All ala Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz.  If you are not into experimental film you will probably much prefer their animated excursion, Interstella 5555, which I highly recommend.


I haven’t tried synchronizing it to their album but I enjoyed it just fine, though it should be said I’m a fan of unusual movies.  The photography is very professional considering they are amateur film makers, and there’s enough here to keep your interest, all without the need for words.  I hope they’ll continue exploring their visual creativity through cinema in the future, and if it sounds like something you might enjoy, check it out.


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  • Rob

    Well, I haven’t watched the vid up there, but I know having limited to no words can work out just fine. I liked the beginning of Wall-E. There was like, not much going on in terms of voices, and it worked! It kind of leaves some weird… I don’t know… man, I can’t even think of the word I’m looking for right now haha But it’s definitely cool.