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• Amiet

AMIET-headerIn 2002, AIM lab at KAIST further refined their robot Ami with a new design called Amiet.  Amiet has a more child-like appearance, featuring a smaller, sleeker build (130cm), and a dress-like lower body obscuring her unmentionable components and the wheels.

Amiet had a set of complex facial detection and recognition software that could pinpoint a person’s face, determine their identity, and make an educated guess at their emotional state from a pool of common expressions classified as neutral, happy, sad, angry, or surprised.  This required the robot to isolate facial features like your forehead, brow, and lips from what its CCD cameras can “see”.

However, guessing a person’s emotional state by analyzing their facial expression captured in the image data is only part of the solution.  A person’s voice also helps to convey their emotional state, so Amiet also had software that could analyze various aspects of speech.

Like Ami, Amiet has an LCD screen in her chest which displays her emotional state.  The researchers developed two types of 3D facial expression programs, one of which is more realistic while the other uses more abstract graphics.  These are used in combination with arm gestures to help convey what the robot is “feeling”.  Since Amiet has more DOFs in her arms than Ami, she is able to express more human-like gestures.


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