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• An9-RR


In March 2009, ALSOK added the An9-RR to their product line up. Intended as a kind of robotic security system, all personnel entering and exiting its building are recorded using the larger robot’s camera, which has face recognition technology, as well as microphones for detecting sounds. Preregistered employees can be contacted through the touchscreen interface, which can also display directions if needed. Naturally the robot happily greets people as they enter and says good-bye when they leave, with a head that can tilt and nod, and LED eyes that display a variety of expressions.

In emergencies, an alarm will sound and email alerts with images are automatically sent to human security guards. The larger unit measures 76.5mm tall, and weighs 35kg, while the the smaller unit (26.4mm tall, 1.5kg) is basically just a portable security camera which can be moved around as needed.

Companies can rent the unit for 69,250 JPY ($716 USD) a month or purchase one for 2,892,750 JPY ($30,350 USD).  Video and media after the break.




Image credits:
Impress Robot Watch | Robofes

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