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• An9-PR

AN9PR-headersmALSOK presented its latest robot, the An9-PR (Public Relations), on July 29th, 2009. ALSOK’s Reborg-Q security system wasn’t designed to handle requests for information or advertise to the public, and growing demand for such a robot led to the development of the An9-PR. The robot has a 19″ touch panel interface on its front, and two 12″ monitors on its back which display advertisements and other information.

The robot’s “hands” come equipped with a FeliCa mobile phone feature, allowing you to transfer coupons and directions to a store to your cellphone. Using the robot’s onboard camera, people can take photos and interactively position themselves into the coupon’s image for fun. New advertisements can be easily transferred to the robot from a PC.

The An9-PR roams around autonomously using preprogrammed maps of its environment and by using odometers in its wheels. Additionally, the robot can track markers on the ceiling and other information to help localize itself in its environment. In order to move safely in large crowds, the robot has a laser range finder, ultrasonic sensors, short range sensors, and touch sensors (bumpers). As a final preventative measure, the robot is covered in a soft, spongy material.

The robot can be rented for 220,000 JPY ($2308 USD) a month. Already there are plans to deploy the robot at the Hamatsu Science Museum.


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