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2009 Incheon World City Festival coming soon!


This Friday marks the beginning of 80 days (August 7th ~ October 25th, 2009) of festivities at South Korea’s Incheon World City Festival, held in Songdo International City. The festival focuses on 5 major areas: Culture, Environment, Urban Development, Robotics, and Advanced Technology.

2009073031025Walking along Culture Street, visitors will be reminded of Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 days” as they experience food and drink (there’s a beer pavilion) from more than 30 countries with over 100 cities participating. Traces of ancient civilizations can be experienced in the Lost City pavilion, such as Ancient Greece’s gladiators and the Trojan Horse, and various ethnic performances are planned. A parade with floats symbolizing countries from Asia, Europe, Africa, and America should be an interesting sight.

2009073031040The South Korean director of the acclaimed animated adventure film “Wonderful Days” will debut a new 3D, CGI animated film entitled “City Paradiso”. The story revolves around a young girl who befriends a fire-fighting robot who together save their futuristic city from peril. Unlike “Wonderful Days”, the story attempts to paint a more hopeful picture of the future, leaving the audience feeling uplifted.  A 12 minute preview of the film was open to the public earlier this week. Two theaters (seating capacity of 750 people each) will screen the film in 3D.  From the preview it looks like it could give the forthcoming Astro Boy a run for its money.

200908041232285208827A_1A 40 meter wide water fountain show will light up the night, choreographed to music, lasers, fireworks and other multimedia. The fountains are surrounded by several towers equipped with large screens and speakers to add to the experience.

200908041240035286521A_1By now you might be getting hungry.  No problem – just head over to Noodle Road, where visitors can have their choice of noodles from Korea, Italy, China, Japan, Vietnam, and other countries.

Stop by The City of Tomorrow to get a glimpse into the future. What will the internet, shopping, and general city life be like? Check out the Integrated Operations Center: where you can simultaneously monitor the city’s crime and fire prevention units in action as well as road and weather conditions at a glance, all in real-time.

2009080401297_0Stopping by U-city (Ubiquitous City), visitors can interact with robots and 3d displays, and have a drink served by a robot. The 13th FIRA World Cup Robot Soccer tournament will be held between the 18th-20th where more than 100 teams are expected to compete. There will also be robot battles, dancing and singing robots, and a robot zoo filled with robotic animals (such as bats, giraffes, rhinos, etc.).

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City Paradiso preview:


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