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Today Vstone, the makers of the Robovie-X and the Robovie 2000, announced it will soon launch a new hobby humanoid robot kit called the Robovie-nano. As its name suggests, the ‘nano is smaller than typical hobby kits, standing only 23cm (9″) tall and weighing a scant 575g (1.26 lbs). Compare that to Kondo’s KHR-3HV or the Kyosho Manoi PF01, both of which are 40cm (15.7″) tall. The ‘nano can also sport an optional exterior body which gives it a bit more character, as well as grippers which allow it to pick up small objects.

The standard ‘nano has 15 degrees of freedom with a parallel link mechanism in its knees.  That adds up to 1 DOF for the head, 3 per arm, and 4 per leg.  The standard ‘nano costs just $510, making it one of the cheapest hobby robot kits available today, and comes with the same user-friendly software and controller board seen in their more expensive kits.  This makes the ‘nano a fantastic entry-level kit while still giving hobbyists the chance to experiment with add-ons, such as Vstone’s audio playback and LED options.  Shelling out an additional $150 USD will net you a stabilizing gyro sensor and controller.

[UPDATE] Impress Robot Watch has published an article with more details.  The servos used are VS-S020 which have a torque of 2.2kg per cm – which are powerful enough for this design, but probably won’t be much use if you wanted to incorporate them into a larger robot.  Still, at only 1,500 JPY a pop, the servos are an attractive option for people looking to make a small custom robot.  A speaker is also included in the standard set, which will allow you to add sound effects to your robot.   One of the demonstrations coupled a HMD with a camera mounted to the head of the robot (with its own 9V battery) which allowed you to see through the eyes of your robot.

Video and more photos after the break!

[source: Impress Robot Watch]



Image credit:
Vstone | Impress Robot Watch

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