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SeRoPi-headerKITECH (Korea Institue of Industrial Technology) DART (Division for Applied Robotics) is developing a service robot called SeRoPi (Service Robot Platform Initiative) that can fetch items and navigate in structured environments.  The version pictured at left is actually the 2nd revision of the robot, which was completed between 2005~2007.  Its appearance was designed by Andy Hyub (click here to see his first stab at the design, which was much less friendly looking).

Like KITECH’s female androids, SeRoPi doesn’t walk but rolls around on wheels at a speed of up to 2m/s.  It uses a combination of pre-programmed maps, a laser range finder in its base, and ceiling cameras to self-localize and navigate KITECH’s office space.  In one demonstration, SeRoPi is commanded to pick up a parcel from the lobby, which means taking an elevator down to the first floor, finding the package, picking it up, and returning to its origin.

Unlike similar service robots such as Mitsubishi’s Wakamaru or Fujitsu’s ENON, SeRoPi is capable of bending at the waist, allowing it to stoop and pick up objects from the floor with its flexible, touch sensitive hands.  It locates objects in its field of view using its head-mounted stereo cameras and matches them against previously learned examples.  SeRoPi has also made public appearances at technology expos in South Korea where it served beverages to thirsty onlookers and has even performed on stage in a play.

SeRoPi stands 125cm (4’1″) tall and weighs 60kg (135 lbs) and has 31 degrees of freedom (neck x3, waist x3, knee x1, two arms x6, two hands x3, mobile base x2).  The robot’s modular arms feature KITECH’s own proprietary actuators, and it features an automatic charging utility in its base for convenient recharging.

[source: Aving]

Further reading: KITECH (official site KR/EN)


Video: Picking up objects, fetching a drink from the fridge, bringing basket, etc:

Video: Fetching the mail from the lobby:

Video: (SeRoPi ver.1.5) Visual identification and grasping, SLAM demonstration:


Image credit:
Aving | Yonhap News | Andy Hyub | NRHP

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