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Book Review: Robot Journal No. 02

ROBOTJOURNAL2-headerWhile I was importing the previously reviewed RoBolution photo book, I decided to pick up another couple of magazines to go with it. Robot Journal No. 02 was published in 2002 and, as you may have guessed from the cover, I bought it for (what I had hoped would be) a lengthy section on SONY’s QRIO with lots of nice photos. I should point out that QRIO is my favorite robot, and this second-hand magazine was pretty cheap. That said, what I got was pretty underwhelming. There are a couple of good orthographic views of QRIO that can be found online in lower quality, but the rest of the images look identical to what you can find on Impress Watch’s coverage of QRIO from ROBODEX 2002 (see here, and here).

The mag does have an unexpected section on SONY’s Q.taro, the spherical robotic music player, which covers some of its prototypes which I haven’t seen online. There is also a nice section on AIST’s HRP-2P, which shows some of the unused designs for the HRP-2 Promet which I haven’t seen anywhere else as well as some orthographic views of the HRP-2 itself. The rest of the magazine is largely concerned with toys. There’s a bonus papercraft robot in the back which I have yet to assemble.  Apparently the magazine didn’t do so well, since there were only 2 issues ever published.  Unless you can read Japanese and have an insatiable hankering for some ROBODEX 2002 goodness, I wouldn’t recommend importing this one, especially since I’ve seen it listed for obscene prices on eBay (and even for what I paid, it was too much).  It’s 119 pages and measures 28.2 x 21 x 1 cm.

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