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Book review: ROBOCON Magazine No.28

ROBOCON28-headerAlong with Robot Journal No. 02, I imported a copy of ROBOCON Magazine No.28, which covers ROBODEX 2003.  Again, the reason was purely out of my love for SONY’s abandoned QRIO project.  ROBOCON Magazine has quite a following so I assumed it would be good but I was in for another disappointment – the problem with print is it doesn’t have much to offer that you can’t get online for free.

As was the case with Robot Journal No. 02, Impress Watch’s coverage of ROBODEX 2003 provides much more insight into the event, and has more media to sink your teeth into (see here).  You can also find English research papers relating to QRIO with a quick Google search that will provide more technical information than you could want.  I have no idea what other issues of the magazine are like, but if I had to guess ROBOCON seems focused on individual robot projects and gives detailed how-to articles and stuff by builders competing at Robo-One tournaments.  That would be pretty useful for building and programming your own robot if you can read Japanese, but not so great if you’re just looking for some high quality photos.  I can’t recommend you import this one.

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