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• e-nuvo Power Wheel


On August 18th 2009 ZMP unveiled another product in their line of autonomous vehicle robot kits, although unlike the RoboCar, the e-nuvo Power Wheel has only two wheels.  It manages to stay upright by means of a built-in tilt sensor and gyro sensor using the inverted pendulum model seen in the Segway, Toyota’s Winglet, and Vstone’s Beauto Balancer robot kit.  Researchers can add custom sensors as well as image recognition functionality to the robot, which can be programmed using MATLAB / Simulink.

The robot, which can turn in place and maintain a level posture on slopes, measures 74 x 62 x 45cm and weighs a hefty 38kg (45kg with the optional AutoBOX dSPACE add-on).   The robot relies on Maxon brushless DC motors with 500-step encoder resolution for power and control, and can be modified to move on 4 wheels if necessary. The robot kit is priced at 498,000 JPY ($5,270 USD) and the first orders will be delivered in November.

[source: Robonable]

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