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Takatoku Robot Maker, ’80s LCD game


Takatoku Toys, a now defunct company, released this LCD game (to be kind, let’s call it an homage to Nintendo’s Game & Watch LCD portables) in 1982.  The Game & Watch portables were invented by Gunpei Yokoi back before Nintendo made its first home video game console, the 8-bit Famicom (or NES) and sold 40 million units, which didn’t go unnoticed by other companies.  In the Takatoku game, you’re working the production line in a robot factory assembling robots as they zip along a conveyor.  The instructions say that the “Action” button can be used for assembling the robots, as well as – get this – smoking a cigarette!  Wow.  As a fan of the Game & Watch games, I love the idea of this one.  Anywho, take a look at the fun box art and game screen.

[source: Handheld Museum]

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