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• AU iida Polaris

Leading mobile phone maker KDDI has contracted Flower Robotics to design a concept robot that really puts the “mobile” in mobile phone.  Looking an awful lot like ZMP’s robotic mp3 player Miuro, Polaris’ spherical egg-shell design cradles the AU iida phone and can roll around.  It can also plug into a television, connecting you with your “life log”, which is data it collects from the internet as well as your own input.

The concept, which may or may not go into production, is a robot that learns about you to help improve your life – sort of like your own personal secretary or assistant.  For example, the robot could organize your schedule, or recommend new recipes from the web (and where to buy organic ingredients) to help you watch your diet.   From personal health (tracking your daily exercise through distance walked with helpful graphs) to your online shopping habits for entertainment, it will slowly adapt to you and give personalized suggestions.


KDDI is also working on embedded sensor technology that can predict a user’s state 80% of the time, such as whether they are walking, driving, or riding the train (along with a few other traits).  Polaris will make an appearance at CEATEC this October.  More media after the break.

[Flower Robotics] via [Robonable]

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Image credits:
AU iida | Akihabara News | Gizmodo Japan