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• Maidroid

Maidroid-headerWhat with maid cafes all the rage the inevitable has finally happened, but I’m not sure if the world is ready for it.  Meet Maidroid: a 150cm tall, 9.9 kg robot that has been in the works since 2007. She’s making an appearance at Robo-One in Toyama.  Powered by KRS-4014SHV & KRS-6003HV servos, she’s the biggest robot to appear at the event.  The designers, aware of the uncanny valley, have opted for a half-real, half-doll appearance, but I’m sure many people will still think she’s creepy!

You can check out some NSFW photos of the robot’s development at the official website.  If I had a suggestion, it would be to do something about those knees… stockings might do the trick? A video of the incomplete robot and more media after the break.

[Maidroid Lab (NSFW)] via [Robofes]



Image credits:
Maidroid Lab | Robofes

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