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• HRP-2m Next

2mNext-headerAlong with the rehabilitation robot Taizo, AIST and General Robotix were showing off its naked brother: HRP-2m Next. The successor to the HRP-2m Choromet (a diminutive bipedal humanoid developed for university robotics labs) the HRP-2m Next is basically Taizo without the cute exterior.

It stands 60cm (2′) tall and weighs 5.8kg (12.7 lbs) without the battery. It uses the same actuators developed by General Robotix (GRSVM) that have 78.2kg/cm torque and 0.24sec/60deg speed, designed to provide smooth motion when performing slow exercise routines. The robot and associated software will cost approximately 800,000 JPY ($8,700 USD), and later General Robotix will begin selling the servo motors separately.  Videos and media after the break.

[source: Impress Robot Watch]

HRP-2m Next @ General Robotix
AIST (official press release JP)



Image credits:
Impress Robot Watch | General Robotix