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WABOT-2, ItaliaUNO make sweet music

The closest I will ever come to making music is with a plastic instrument and a copy of Rock Band, so I have conflicted feelings of admiration and envy when it comes to talented robot musicians.  What they lack in soul they make up for with simulated soul.  Waseda University’s WABOT-2 played the piano quite skillfully back in 1984, so robotic pianists are hardly new – but that doesn’t really detract from their entertainment value. You could certainly argue that a self-playing piano makes more sense than having to build and program an entertainment robot, but where’s the fun in that?

Check out the entertainment robot ItaliaUNO built by Italian engineering and electronics repair shop Teotronica:

Video (Mirror):

[Teotronica (IT)] via [ロボットのいる生活 (JP)]

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