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Mint Robot 2 – Pet Care Robot


Here’s a telepresence robot specifically designed for interacting with your pet while away from home.  The concept would allow a pet owner to log in to the robot over an internet connection and see through its snail-like eyes (webcams) and hear through its embedded microphone.  Likewise owners can talk to their pets to reassure them through the speaker.  The concept also includes an iPod Touch-like device for controlling a remote-controlled ball, which you can use to give your pet a round of much needed exercise (unless your pet dog happens to be an AIBO).

PetCare-02The main problem with this design is that it is probably only useful for cat-owners who go on many business trips.  I say that because you’d get a dog-sitter when away from home for extended periods, since even with automatic food dispensers, a dog will need to be let out to do its business.  But there may be a market for people who desperately miss their pet(s) when at the office.

Similar technology to what is being proposed by this concept has already been made, such as the Rovio by Wowwee Robotics.

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