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• Loki

Loki-headerLoki, which takes its name from the Norse god of mischief, is a 121cm (4′) tall, 18kg (40 lbs) hobby built robot by software engineer David Shinsel (who just happens to work for Intel).  Equipped with two webcams, Loki uses OpenCV for object, face, and motion detection, and it can also respond to verbal commands with speech synthesis.  Additionally, Loki uses the A* search method for plotting a course on what appear to be preprogrammed maps.  All of this intelligence is handled by an onboard laptop running Windows XP.  To top things off, Loki features a great design and “blinking” LED eyes which just scream WALL-E and Johnny 5.

Loki is the latest in a long line of robot projects which you can check out on his website, which includes all sorts of technical information from the build as well as work-in-progress photos.

Video (Mirror):

[source: David Shinsel’s site] via [Trossen Robotics] via [ロボットのいる生活]

  • Rob

    When you say the “A* search method,” is that a process of… Ummm… Narrowing down options to get from one point to another? I think I’ve heard that term before, but can’t remember if that is what it was.

    Sorry if it’s in the vid, but sometimes mobile browsing is slow with multimedia : P

    • Robotbling

      Yeah, I think it’s an algorithm which attempts to plot a course from point A to point B while efficiently avoiding obstacles. It’s actually quite commonly used in game programming for enemy AI, which is probably where you heard about it.