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RoboOneGate-headersmTiny robots and their human masters got to dress up as their imaginary counterparts for ROBO-ONE GATE’s “Sunrise Heroes Robot Battle”.  You might think it would be primarily Gundam robots, but actually there were a number of other series represented (SPT Layzner, Brave Express Might Gaine, Brigadoon: Marin & Melan), leading some to call it the real-life version of Super Robot Wars (a video game wherein players take control of a encyclopedic armada of giant robots from the world of anime and manga).

Ten robots competed, with the winner taking home the highly coveted Sunrise Chronicles 1977-2007, a book detailing the 312 works made during that period, first printed to celebrate Sunrise’s 30th Anniversary two years ago.  Some hobbyists decided to dress their robots in detailed paper-craft exoskeletons (which proved a bit flimsy in battle), while others wore elaborate aluminum or plastic armor. You can see the process used to give Automo (the larger Gundam) his armor at Holypong’s blog.

Highlights reel:

[source: Impress Robot Watch (JP)]

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