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Tetsujin-28 Monument Officially Unveiled

TetsujinLampYesterday the 18m (60′) tall Tetsujin-28 monument was officially unveiled, and Impress Robot Watch has an awesome selection of photos from the event that you should definitely take a moment to check out.  Aside from the statue itself, as if that wasn’t awe-inspiring enough on its own, the area has been given Tetsujin-28 street lamps which ought to look very cool when the sun goes down.  There were also ginormous subway posters celebrating the monument which, if I lived in Japan, I would find a way to steal and plaster in my house, legal ramifications be damned.

The only thing I would change about the statue itself are the eyes – they’re painted and therefore opaque, when they could have been semi-translucent and lit from within like the street lamps – though that may have sent the statue into dangerously awesome territory causing everyone to pee their pants.


[source: Impress Robot Watch (JP)]