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• Tetsujin 28-gō

t28-vston4148smTetsujin 28-gō (aka Gigantor), as we’ve seen with the recent unveiling of the Kobe Tetsujin Project’s massive monument, is clearly a beloved fixture in Japanese pop-culture.  The first giant robot to appear in Japanese manga, and subsequently one of the first anime series ever created, Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s robot has earned its place in history.  Various toys were produced over the years, but none of them came close to offering a true robot that could be commanded to walk, punch, and kick like the real deal.

That is, until Vstone teamed up with Tomotaka Takahashi of ROBO-GARAGE to produce a 38cm (15″) tall, 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) robot complete with 17 joints built to do just that back in 2005.  The Tetsujin 28 robot was priced at a hefty 351,750 JPY ($2980 US) but sold out in less than a week.  There were two versions made – the original model was refined to more closely resemble the design from the 2005 anime series, marking the robot’s 50th anniversary.  Limited to only 100 units, it too sold out quickly at a price of 399,000 JPY ($4455 USD).



Image credits:
Vstone | Impress Robot Watch