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Bad Robot (movie teaser)

badrobot-posterRemember Silent City, that cool indie short film set in a war torn futuristic setting that starred Cillian Murphy?  Well, the director of that piece, Ruairi Robinson, has got a sci-fi comedy animated film (possibly short film) set to debut sometime next year called Bad Robot (unrelated to J.J. Abrams’ production company).  The teaser does an adequate job of showing off the seemingly friendly robot character, but the poster seems to suggest a dark comedy (the log line reads: “Soon every home will have a robot helper.  Don’t worry, your kids are perfectly safe.”).

Personally, I’m more than a little bit put off by the idea of yet another killer robot plot.  To any film directors out there who might be reading this: robots don’t need to kill people to be interesting!  I think a movie with a more optimistic yet realistic forecast on robotics in a futuristic society might stand a chance at doing something entirely different in the genre.  Gotta love this robot’s design, though.

[source: QuietEarth] via [RobotBuzz]

  • Phil

    go watch bicentennial man and sob your fucking eyes out. this movie looks KILLER

    • Robotbling

      I didn’t say it looks bad, just that killer robots have been done to death – which they HAVE