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• Toyota Partner Robot ver. 7 DJ Robot

tpr-dj-robo_p1290510smToyota’s world famous presentation at the Aichi Expo in 2005 called for a robot band, Concero, which was rounded out by the DJ Robot, a wheeled Rolling Type Partner Robot. The DJ robot was first demonstrated in December 2004.  It had the same self-balancing two-wheeled body as the Rolling Type trumpeter, but it doesn’t play any instruments. Instead, the DJ has a unique headphone-shaped headpiece and mic, and was designed to talk with a human MC on stage to energize the crowd (it has no turn-table skills). It is 100cm (3’3″) tall, weighs 45kg (99 lbs), and has 21 degrees of freedom.

The DJ Robot no longer performs in Toyota’s musical presentations and is now interacting with humans in a less scripted manner.  In August 2007 the DJ robot became a receptionist at Toyota’s Kaikan Exhibition Hall at the company’s headquarters.  In January 2008, the robots began appearing in other Toyota buildings such as their Nagoya office.  While a move from the spotlight to the office might sound like a demotion, the robot should benefit from improved capabilities as the researchers give it new jobs.

・Toyota Concero 2005 press release (EN)



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