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A robot that automatically produces fun!

Years before the Odaiba Gundam statue, and the soon to be erected Tetsujin 28 monument, kids (in America, no less) were already having fun playing around giant robots.  From the advertisement:

A 19’6″, triple-decker robot gives children the thrill of their lives. Two tube slides give youngsters fast, safe and thrilling rides. Scooped ends slow down sliders and give them a lift thrill as they swoop off the end. Two-tiered robot “body” and lookout “head” have die-formed deck and steel bar walls for safety. Feet are designed with seat indentations so children can rest. The Giganta stands head and shoulders above most other playground equipment in size and popularity.

Ground Space: 19’6″ by 9’6″
Shipping Weight: 4400 pounds


hieronymus_bosch-HellNo offense to the designers, but if the play structure you’ve just designed looks like it would fit in perfectly in Hierynomus Bosch’s painting depicting Hell, you may want to go back to the drawing board.  It looks like it’s trampling a kid while reaching down to scoop up more with its hideous arms, only to devour them, locking them inside its grotesque, cage-like body.  Who had one of these in their neighborhood growing up?  This thing looks like a total deathtrap dream come true!

[Plaidstallion] via [WildWild]

  • Tom

    We had one at our city park growing up in Lake Chelan, WA. It was lots of fun!

    • Brett

      I’m from Lake Chelan too and it blew my mind finding the name of this slide. Some of my earliest memories on this thing

  • Rob


    You know, the more I look at it’s head, the more it reminds me of the tank boss towards the end of Mega Man 2. Maybe it’s something else it reminds me of though. I hate not being able to place things properly!

  • admin

    But just imagine if you could see this thing from your house! Can’t sleep, robot’ll eat me. Can’t sleep, robot’ll eat me. (shivering in corner)

  • Rob

    Haha Yeah, it does look a bit weird, but I bet it’s fun! It’d probably be more fun if somehow they had the arm slides somehow attached to the head on the inside, making a turn inside to give you more… Uh… Whoooosh(?) When going down the slide.